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JUSTIN FRANCISCO Confident. Efficient. Design.

Justin Francisco will create strategically crafted, cutting-edge visuals to captivate your audience
& convey your message.


Justin Francisco is a Senior Graphic Designer with a Bachelor
of Design and 7 years of experience working as a professional multimedia graphic designer. 

Whether it is nation-wide ad campaigns, building brands from the ground up, or leading a project towards success. Justin Francisco can handle it all – from research to launch, working with focus and determination, to communicate your vision.




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Justin possesses many qualities that would benefit any organization. Justin is quick to build relationships with many stakeholders internally and externally. He is committed to excellence and supports his team in achieving our common goals. Justin’s maturity, professionalism and optimism are attributes that will continue to drive and support his success throughout the years.

Jenny Bates, Director of Marketing - Compass Group Canada

Below are a selection of projects designed by Justin Francisco. On a daily basis he creates and maintains brands that are displayed across Canada. He crafts logos, and promotions working directly with the Creative Director to design strategic visuals that will help the company meet its targets. Please click the titles to view more.
Drink Dealz is a CPG promotion designed to help units move stock. It advertises a 2 dollar off promotion for many different brands of soft drink. Presented here are a few samples from the project. 
Assets were created for print, digital and social, with additional video components. Multiple versions were created for Coke, Pepsi, and Freedom of Choice accounts.The campaign ran in both English and French and was designed and built out by Justin Francisco
Video, Art Direction, CPG promotion.
San Marzano is an Internal Brand at Compass Group Canada and was in need of a refresh. Justin Francisco was tasked by the Creative Director to create a new look for this brand that would appeal more to Gen Z.
Once the foundational look was created, this set the standard for what would be the basis for all the branding would be going forward. The look had to be fresh yet flexible. 
Art Direction, Brand Development
Foodback is a rating system for customers to provide feedback regarding their experiences at eateries across Canada
Given the logo Justin Francisco was asked to build out the rest of the branding for Foodback. He proposed an A/B test to determine which branding look would be more effective for mass usage across Canada, and this developed into 2 distinct but related looks that allowed for unit operators to choose which suited their environment best
Branding, A/B testing
As a food service company Compass Group Canada works closely with beverage brands to promote their products in its units. Justin Francisco frequently works with these brands to craft promotions that meet their brand guidelines as well as Compass's strategic marketing goals.
Whether the program is created from scratch or has the assets supplied and simply need sizing tweaks. Justin Francisco routinely works with dozens of brands and ensures adherence to the brand's style guide.
CPG, Brand Adherence 



Professionally crafted logos, brand books, business cards & and other branded communication materials. Professionally created using Adobe Creative Cloud.


Whether it is a nation-wide campaign or a single communication asset. I will create any materials you need, with strategy & user experience at the forefront. 


Internal communications, branded presentation decks – anything you need to say, can be said aesthetically using Microsoft Office suite, to ensure comms are crafted with AODA compliance as a standard. 


Let's talk about your brand and identify gaps, plan accordingly and then create new materials that show off your brand's best features.


Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation and a discussion about what value I can provide to your business.

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